About Us

Welcome to our website. In this page, I want to let our brief company introduction interesting and useful.

Who we are

First of all, We are International Freight Forwarder from China.

Our company name:

Zhejiang Twings Supply Chain Company limited,it is our company name. You maybe want to know what is the meanings of the word ”twings”. Twings means tiger wings. It means let tiger add wings. If giving tiger wings, the tiger will be more powerful and stronger. In international freight forwarder industry, one important task of freight forwarder is to help client to let export and import logistic run smoothly. If we can help clients to send their goods to buyer hands safely and efficiently, client will save more energy and money, then they will get more orders and give freight forwarders more support. So our company task is: add the wings to our customers, let customers become flying tiger.

Our company history

In fact, our company has around 6 years history. Our company was established in June,2012 in Jiaxing,Zhejiang,China. We also have office in Ningbo.

Yes, it may sounds history is not so long. But if you check our company co-founders person resume, you will not think so. Our co-founders are David Fan and Eric Yu. Both of them devoted themselves to freight forwarder industry for more than 10years.In their long career, they get fully experience from this industry and keep fighting in this industry.

What we do?

As you know, freight forwarder industry is in the Red Sea market especially in China. Huge amount of companies are only focusing on how to get client regardless of their services are good or not. We believe that clients value the quality of freight forwarder service more than rates. So we build our company to provide customers good service as much as we can.

To provide good service, understand our clients needs are very important. Our team members keep contacting with clients, learn international trade process and knowledge such as 2010 INCOTERMS, Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. This help us to let clients trust us more, then they will be glad to give their shipments to us to handle.We know Establishing business relations means trust each other whatever the client is small or big.

Based on our good experience in the industry, we keep providing our client with the following service:

1 Sea freight service from China:

Help clients to handle sea freight shipments from China ports to worldwide ports. We can handle mainly China ports cargo delivery to worldwide. We can give you right solutions regarding on clients requirements.

A  Competitive ocean freight rates

B  Multiple shipping lines options

C  Transparent pricing and rates

Door to Door services from China to USA, also USA to China

Using our agent network, we proceed door to door freight service from China to USA.

From China manufactures warehouse to USA buyer warehouse, all of transportation and custom clearance job are finished by us. No need to find several companies to run. For clients, only need to tell us your demand, we will give you one stop international freight forwarder solutions.

Accordingly, we also help USA companies to sell their cargo to China. As a local freight forwarder from China, we have more advantages at dealing with such cargo shipments import to China because we know China market well.

3 Door to Door services from China ports to ICS countries via Bandar Abbas

One belt One road is one main economic policy of China government. To match transportation needs from involved countries of this policy, we use our middle east agent resources to establish this kind of door to door service. We can help clients to ship their goods to ICS countries(such as) via Bandar Abbas,Iran. We use multimodal transportation way to handle such shipments: from China port to Bandar Abbas, using sea shipments to save cost. From Bandar abbas to ICS countries cities, using truck transportation mode to save time.

4 One-stop logistics solution for sesame seeds import to China

To match more and more oil seeds import demand from China, we now provide one-stop international supply chain solution for sesame seeds item. In Africa, we have resources to help you to collect sesame, clean and export to China from Africa. If you choose us, you can get safe and quick service.

Do some tasks which other freight forwarders can not do

Based on our knowledge of Chinese manufacturers, like products and delivery schedule, we are capable of furnishing value-added services including expediting purchase order, loading inspection, taking pictures of loading operation as an alternative of QC agency. We also gathered some good-reputation chines manufactures, let you choose high quality cargo than your competitors

Our location

Head office

Room 1807,Fuyue Building,No.28 Zhonghuan West Road,Jiaxing,China


Ningbo Branch

Room 1017,Mingchen building,No.138,Zhongxing Road,Ningbo,China



Our team

David Fan

Co-founder & CEO

Specializing in door to door service, sesame supply chain solutions.

Eric Yu


Specializing in Middle East, South Africa shipments and sourcing in textile piece goods,outdoor items

Joe Zhou

Sales manager

Focus on providing service from China ports to Red sea, Black sea shipments

Floyd DU

Marketing manager

Contact our agent from worldwide and focus on sourcing fasteners items

Eva Wang

Ningbo branch sales manager

Handle our India shipments

Danny Situ

Ningbo branch manager

Processing and running business of our Ningbo branch

Our goal

Only providing solutions, Not concepts