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Your Right China Freight Forwarder Partner
With 20years Industry Experience

Twings Supply focuses on the freight forwarding of container liner transportation in favor of import and export.
We always believe that only with the following capabilities can we qualify as a good China freight forwarding company.

Sea Freight

Tailored solution is available based on our client’s specific demand and various existing situations, both FCL and LCL.
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Air Freight

Twings Air Freight adds WINGS to the TIGER.
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Twings D2D covers - USA & CANADA - CIS (central Asia) - AFRICA
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Our Mission

We believe that the mission of an excellent international freight forwarder should be:

To satisfy customers’demands
To listen carefully to customer needs and propose professional solutions.

To deliver safely and smoothly
To standardize business processes which determines the level of service.

To save cost
To Maximize the Cost thru work optimization, under the premise of ensuring Quality.

Why Choose Twings

We have been in the freight forwarder industry more than 20 years with enough professional experience to help client Deliver cargo safely and smoothly.

Reliable Partner

We are  licensed NVOCC in China.
Also Jctrans Network paid member(ID:108690)

Team Support

We provide real time support for every shipment


You will not cover one cent hidden fee

An excellent china forwarder must have a team fully committed to the industry.

team work

Whether it is China’s international freight forwarding company or international freight forwarding company in other countries, our main work can be summarized as follows: Provide international freight forwarding services that meet customer requirements. On this basis, if there is a more reasonable and advantageous solution, we should promptly feedback to the customer so that the customer can enjoy a better service experience.

An outstanding china freight forwarder must have advantageous service.

The competition in the international freight forwarding industry is very intense, even more in China. The existence of a large number of competitors has made the competition in China’s international freight industry very fierce. China’s international freight forwarding market is a Red Sea market. How to survive and even stand out in such a highly competitive market? It is a problem that our China International Freight Forwarding Company has to face. We must have our own superior service based on our own conditions. In this way, we can take the lead in market competition.

Our company is no exception, our traditional advantage service items are as follows:
  1. Air shipments from Shanghai to Los Angeles 
  2. Air shipments from Shanghai to New York
  3. Air shipments from Shanghai to Toyko
  1. China to USA and Canada (LA, LB, New York, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto, etc.)
  2. China to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf (Dubai, Abbas, Jeddah, Damman, Kuwait,etc)
  3. China to the East Africa (Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Kampala, Nairobi, Tamatave, etc.)
  4. China to the West Africa (Lome, Douala, Abidjan, Lagos, Cotonou, etc.)
  5. China to the South Africa (Durban, Johannesburg, Harare, Cape Town, etc.)
  6. China to India (Chennai, Mumbai, Cochin, Delhi, etc.)
  7. China to the Southeast Asia (Ho Chi Minh, Manila, Singapore, Haiphong, Bangkok, Klang, etc.)
  8. China to the Black Sea (Odessa, Constanta, Novorossiysk, Poti, Varna, etc.)
  9. China to the Mediterranean (Algeciras, Genoa, La Spezia, Barcelona, Valencia, etc.)
  10. China to Europe (Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Felixstowe, etc.)
  1. Door to Door service between China and USA
  2. Door to Door services between China and Central Asia
  3. Door to Door services between China and Africa

Integrated trade agency service is a comprehensive package of services, including product sourcing, procurement, export transportation, export customs clearance, LC negotiation, delivery and other content. Our ultimate goal is to allow our customers to save their costs through our approach.

A great China freight company must keep pace with the times

Our international freight forwarding industry is a traditional industry, but with the advent of the big data era, our industry is also facing an unprecedented innovation. The era of digital freight forwarding is on the horizon, and industry giants such as Maersk have invested a lot of manpower and resources into shipping digitalization. In the near future, shipping digitization will no longer be a concept. Maersk has taken the lead in making changes. He has lengthened his business chain and his end-to-end logistics services are his mission. As a Chinese international freight forwarding company, we must clearly know that if we do not change, we will be eliminated. We must also strengthen our study and understanding of emerging trends such as shipping digitalization according to our own situation, and we are always ready to identify our entry direction.

Our Business development outlook

Adhere to the traditional export freight forwarding service from China

Container shipping services shipping from China to the world, both FCL and LCL.

Twings’ rich experience and stable volume ensure competitive service and are integrated into a comprehensive optimized solution involving price, efficiency and choice of diversity.

Two-way air shipments services from China to US and Japan

Between China, the United States and Japan. China's aviation logistics has developed rapidly, and more and more domestic airports have been built. The air transportation capacity,i.e. speed and volume, has increased significantly; the super-scale complementary economy between China and the United States,China and Japan. All of the above indicate that China has great potential of market demand for the air freight service.

Broaden the business chain and open up more business growth models​

Import logistics service

The successful convening of the first China Import Expo has fully proved that China's import demand for quality products from all over the world will show a good growth trend for a long time in the future. This will bring a lot of international logistics service demand imported from the world to China.

Door-to-Door delivery

With the growing demand for door-to-door service, the service background and advantages of freight forwarders are expected to take a share in this market segment. Twings has made many good cases, including the import of African agricultural products, the import of high-precision auto parts in the United States and the chemical basic products of Switzerland, and the door-to-door import clearance and transportation services of Japan's high-precision machine tools. For details, please refer to the Our Case page.



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Import equipment from Japan for Gree group​

Import customs clearance and transportation service​

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Import Agency Service for customers​

Help clients to import oil seeds from Africa to Qingdao China​


Door to Door service From China To US

Transportation and customs clearance delivery services​

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