Air Freight from China

Customizing your freight forwarder service in Twings​

Air transportation is a significant means in the international trade. It features fast speed and high security. Mostly it applies to the cargos with the rigor requirement of time limit by the client, the fresh food like fruits and vegetables with short storage period, and the ones of which the lead time can’t be satisfied by sea freight e.g. clothes and shoes.

Air transportation is operated by airlines which provide means and explore routes based on the market situation. According to the cargo condition and the client’s requirement, freight forwarder tailors a package solution, including space reservation, storing, customs clearance, transportation and delivery.
Based on our rich experience and resources, Twings Supply air freight service covers major airports in China and aboard with unique advantage on the following lines:

Air shipments from Shanghai to Los Angeles

Air shipments from Shanghai to New York

Air shipments from Shanghai to Toyko

Upon request, Twings Supply also furnishes follow-up services like pickup, custom clearance and delivery. In particular, Twings Supply has designed the specific service of efficient and safe delivery and custom clearance for the Amazon FAB program to ensure high safety and speed of cargo transportation, which brings first-mover advantage to our clients.

Any issue related to air freight and relevant service, as long as related to China, whether export or import,
you’re welcome to contact us by click on “Quote Us” and fill up the online form. We’ll revert within 24 hours.
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