Import Agency Service for customers​​

Import sesame from Nigeria Africa to Qingdao China​

The complete solution is as follows:

(1) Sourcing for the powerful Nigeria sesame suppliers through the China Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and other channels.

(2) Signing an import agency contract with the customer, providing LC financing plan, and opening a LC to the seller.

(3) Inspecting product and loading in the sesame production place.

(4) Transporting from the port of Lagos Nigeria to Qingdao China by multimodal transport of land and sea.

(5) According to the requirements of China Customs, checking with the seller for various customs clearance documents, including certificate of origin, FREE DFT (0 tariff certificate), phytosanitary certificate, invoice, bill of lading and other documents, to ensure zero free documents.

(6) Prompt LC negotiation and payment for document.

(7) Customs clearance in Qingdao, picking up the goods and storing in warehouse.

(8) Notifying the customer for the payment in time.

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