Major Ports of sea shipping from China

China port guidance.



Shanghai Port is the world's largest container terminal with a long history. It is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River Delta with a deep-water port at Yangshan. There are many docks in Shanghai Port, and the terminals related to our container liner transportation are as follows

1 Shanghai Pudong International Container Terminal
2 Shanghai Zhendong International Container Terminal
3 Shanghai Mingdong International Container Terminal
4 Shanghai Hudong International Container Terminal
5 Shanghai Shengdong International Container Terminal
6 Shanghai Guandong International Container
Terminal 7 Shanghai Shangdong International Container Terminal

Ningbo Zhoushan


It is located in the middle of the Chinese mainland coastline, the south wing of Hangzhou Bay, the northeastern coast of Zhejiang, and the south side of the intersection of the Chinese mainland coastline and the Yangtze River's “T-shaped structure”.

The container throughput ranks the third among the world's ports. The terminals related to our container liner transportation are as follows:
4 Ningbo Daxie China Merchants International Container Terminal
5 Ningbo Meishan International Container Terminal



Shenzhen Port is located in the south of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province, facing the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in the south. Backed by the economically developed Pearl River Delta region of China, it radiates the vast areas along the Pearl River and the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, and forms an important seaport of the national comprehensive transportation channel. It is located at the intersection of China's north-south routes and international routes, and its strategic position is very important.

The terminals associated with our container liner shipping are as follows:
1. Yantian Port Area
2. Shekou Port Area
3. Dachan Bay Port Area
4. Chiwan Port Area



Guangzhou Port is located in the south gate of China and is the estuary of the Pearl River Delta. It is one of the most important foreign trade ports in China.

The terminals associated with our container liner service are as follows:
1. Nansha Wharf
2. Whampoa Pier



Established in 1892, Qingdao Port is located in the middle of China's Bohai Sea Port Group and the Yangtze River Delta Port Group. It is the center of the Northeast Asian port circle and is an important international trade hub of the Western Pacific. It is currently one of the largest integrated ports in the world.



Tianjin Port, also known as Tianjin Xingang, is located at the mouth of the Haihe River in Tianjin, China. It is at the intersection of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration and the Bohai Bay Economic Circle. It is an important comprehensive port and foreign trade port in northern China. Tianjin Port is the artificial deep-water port with the highest level of the world's navigation channel built on the muddy shoal by digging the harbor and building land. At present, the main channel of Tianjin Port has a water depth of 21 meters, which can meet the import and export of 300,000-ton crude oil ships and the most advanced container shi

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