Non Operating Reefer Container Use Guide

Non Operating Reefer Container Guides

1. What is NOR?

NOR refers to Non Operating Reefer, which is to use reefer containers as ordinary dry containers(DC) to load ordinary goods without running its refrigeration equipment.

2. Why NOR?

There are various trade surpluses and deficits in China’s import and export, and the structure of goods is extremely complicated. If your destination port is currently lacking a large number of reefer containers, the originating port has reefer containers piled up, and at the same time the shipping company does not want to call empty container with increased cost. In order to alleviate this contradiction, the shipping company will remove the refrigeration compressors of reefer containers, and then recommend that the cargo owner use the reefer for ordinary goods. This is called NOR, through which the shipping company is to better use empty reefer containers to improve the heavy goods turnover rate.

3. Difference between NOR Container and Dry Container

(1) Dry Container has more space than NOR container

(2) Dry Container has more free demurrage and dentension period than NOR container

(3 )Dry container ocean freight are more expensive

(4) Some regions prohibit NOR container import.

4. Advantages of NOR containers

1) NOR needs special application, and generally will be allowed by shipping companies for export to South America, Australia and New Zealand in spring and summer.
2) NOR is really cheap, but not suitable for all goods. Equipped with refrigeration equipment, it is not suitable for heavy goods and dangerous chemicals to avoid damage to the container.

5. Disadvantage of NOR

1) Very hard goods are not suitable for NOR. Even if it is not very hard, the goods need to be soft-packed so as not to damage the internal insulation of the container.
2) Reefer containers are usually used to ship meat, fruits,vegetables and other fresh goods, and there will be residual taste. Clothing, silk or other goods that are susceptible to odour are not suitable for transport in such containers.
3) There are special arrangements inside the reefer itself. When loading the container, adequate attention shall be paid to avoid non-access or destroying of the container.
4) The rent-free period of NOR is relatively shorter. Considering the connection between the production schedule and the delivery, the selection of NOR be cautious.
(5) In the actual NOR operation, because the air-conditioner and internal insulation of the freezer occupy space, for the sake of safety, NOR of the same type container is generally decreased by a certain volume when calculating the cargo loading capacity.

6. Conclusion

In short, NOR is cheaper than ordinary containers because of the shipping company’s incentive policy. But considering the actual operation, the choice should be cautious. In other words, NOR container shall be applied on the right route at the right time, and conditions of various goods must be considered in conjunction.

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  1. Hello! David. I just read your article on using NOR containers for importing certain goods from China to the USA. Would you please creepily to me with your contact information so I can work with you to do importing with these types of lower cos containers

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    Donald Gee
    Cell: 701 609-9508

  2. Hi sir. Do u supply nor containers from korea to the Caribbean ??

  3. Hello Donald,
    I’m interesting in NOR container from China to Guatemala, in Central America, is possible contacting you.

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