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Customizing your freight forwarder service in Twings​

First of all, international logistics or international freight forwarding is closely related to import and export trade, and international freight forwarding is an indispensable part of international trade. In other words, if we want to do a good job in international freight forwarding business, we must open up the link of international trade so that it will be integrated to our services. This is mainly to enhance the customer service experience and improve the quality of our services. Therefore, we are confident that we will win our competitors in general.

Integrated trade agency service is a comprehensive package of services, including product sourcing, procurement, export transportation, export customs clearance, LC negotiation, delivery and other content. Our ultimate goal is to allow our customers to save their costs through our approach. Here is an example to illustrate.

Mike from California is an importer of children’s toy cars. He purchases Mercedes-Benz authorized toy cars from the city of Pinghu of Zhejiang Province in the Yangtze River Delta in China. Generally his procurement work is broken down into the following steps:

  1. to enquire China’s foreign trade companies for FOB quotation
  2. to find a freight forwarder for container booking from Shanghai to Los Angeles
  3. to designate an agent for customs clearance in the United States
  4. to rent a US truck company for shipment from port to warehouse

The above 4 steps correspond to 4 different suppliers, and they will add profits to their own quotations, resulting in cost increases. The final price will be high.


Choosing our one-stop integrated trade agency service:

First of all, these four steps will be operated all by one company ONLY, which can save customers time and avoid customers coping with 4 suppliers at the same time;
Secondly, only a fixed agency fee will be charged instead of a high profit required by a foreign trade company, thus saving cost for customers.
The above examples clearly show that our current comprehensive trade agency services are of great help to our customers and have high added value. We have always believed that such a service is the key service that we make our customers even more powerful, i.e. adding wings to the tiger (Twings=Tiger Wings). We have accumulated a lot of excellent product resources and quality suppliers in China, such as children's toys, shower rooms, textile materials, medical supplies and so on. Customers interested in these industries can contact us. Of course, if you need to find other products in China, you can also send specific enquiry, a tailored solution will be furnished.

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