Warehouse Service

Customizing your freight forwarder service in Twings​

Warehouse service is a common service for the international trade with temporary warehouse, cargo sorting, packing and LCL services, which will be followed by the operation of final delivery to clients.

If according with one of the following conditions, please choose Twings quality Warehouse service:
1.requently import small-volume cargo from China
2.import cargo from separate Chinese suppliers

Twings Warehouse service ensures optimized logistics and safe warehouse through cooperative warehouses across China. Mainly the service includes:

1) loading and unloading
2) weighing
3) packing
4) palletizing
5) labeling
6) temporary care
7) inspection
8) packing and loading supervision

Our warehouses are equipped with modern facilities, stringent operation procedures and standard working staff. Welcome to choose our warehouse service. If necessary, please fill out the form below and submit it to us for our competitive price and quality service.

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