Why Matson has best performance from China ports to Los Angeles port

Give 4 reasons why Matson has best performance on trans pacific container service

Why Matson has best performance in the container shipping routes from China ports to Los Angeles port

I personally think that the factors that determine the sailing speed of a container ship from China to USA ports are roughly as follows:

  1. Terminal efficiency of departure port
  2. Navigation speed
  3. Number of intermediate docks
  4. Destination port terminal efficiency

 Specific to Matson

1 Terminal efficiency of loading port,

Taking Shanghai as an example, regardless of wind or rain, Matson’s ship will always leave the port on time .More than 90% of the cruises throughout the year leave Shanghai on Wednesday on time, and the error is accurate to the hour. As long as the Matson ship is not sailing, you can be deceived by the ship if it enters the port late and is released. There are no roll issues to the next vessel due to later gate in.

 2 Sailing speed

Matson ships are not big. Take the KAIMANA HILA ship as an example. You can check that its ship loading capacity is only 3653TEUS. Such a ship is guaranteed to arrive at the Port of Long Beach as quickly as possible. The ships of other shipping companies sailing across the Pacific are generally 8,000 TEU or even more than 10,000 TEU. Compared with the Mason ship, it is slightly inferior in speed.

3 Number of call ports

After Matson departs from Shanghai Port, it will not call any other ports in between, but will call Long Beach directly. Many other container carrier companies have to call Busan, South Korea or other ports, which will delay the speed by one or two days.

4 Destination port terminal efficiency

Matson’s main CLX service calls its own terminal PIER C. PIER C is different from other LB terminals. It is a terminal used by Matson alone. So there will be no congestion.


There are several shipping companies that can achieve points 1 to 4 above, such as CMA’s EXX, ZIM’s ZEX, COSCO’s CEN VIP service, etc. But the one and only Mason family that can do it all. That’s why Matson can be the leader in this market segment and stand out from the rest. Other ships have been imitating it and never surpassed it.


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